A smooth talking, flirtous, young, a bit overweight student, Seymour Crane. He prefers to be called Slick. He's almost always seen with his van.


~Slick's last words before he died~

Name: Seymour Crane
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Known Relatives:


Status: Deceased
Portrayed By: Sheldon Rybowski
Appearance: Prom Night 1980
Death 1980


Slick is first seen driving in his van, trying to get the attentions of Jude Cunningham . While she at first resists his attempts, she gives in to his flirtations. She accepts his ride to school and agrees to be his date for the prom.

The two apparently start a relationship as he's seen again during lunch period. Doing what he likes most, trying to charm her. The two go to prom, but they don't go inside first. They stay outside in his van having sex and smoke marijuana. As they go outside to have sex again, Seymour is the first to notice something's wrong. He convinces Jude to go back in the van, not knowing the killer's watching and approaching the van.

The killer gets Jude by stabbing her throat. Slick brawls with the killer while attempting to drive away. The killer escapes from the van as it tumbles off a cliff and explodes, crushing and burning Slick to death in the flaming wreckage.