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Aaron Stone's Kelly Blatz portrays Michael

Michael Paul Smeddley is character from the 2008 remake of Prom Night. He is played by Kelly Blatz. He seems to be going through trouble with his girlfriend Claire. He is the second person from Donna Keppel's group to be murdered by Richard Fenton.

Prom NightEdit

Michael is Claire's boyfriend and also her date to prom. They seemed to be going through relationship problems. At prom while on the dance floor he seems to be getting Claire to dance although she doesn't seemed to be into it. The two have a brief argument possbily over going to separate colleges. Claire goes up to her suite after complaining of cramps. Donna follows her up and Donna convinces her to come back down once she is okay. After Donna leaves, Claire is murdered by Richard Fenton. Back downstairs, Michael asks Donna where Claire is. She tells him that he made Claire upset and she has gone back to her hotel suite.


Michael goes up to the third floor to find Claire (who's body is seen lying on the bathroom floor while Fenton was looking through her digital camera) Michael enters the room and goes to the locked bathroom door pleading with Claire to come out after thinking that she was in there. He says that he is going to sit on the couch and wait till she's comes out. After the bathroom door opens Michael goes back in but no one is in there. He sees the closet door close and heads over and opens it. He doesn’t see anything and after saying Claire's name in silence, Fenton jumps out and stabs Michael repeatedly killing him. Later after Donna escapes from an attack by Fenton, Michael's body is found by a police officer when Detective Winn and the police search the room.

After deathEdit

Outside the hotel April, Crissy, Taylor, Rick and the others soon learn of Michael's fate along with Lisa and Claire. April mention that she heard someone say that Claire was murdered and that Michael and Lisa were missing. A teary eyed Donna while watching the news with Bobby at home knows of Michael, Lisa and Claire's deaths. She tells Bobby that Fenton killed them because he was trying to get to her.


  • Claire and Michael were a longtime couple prior to the events of the film. Three years later they seemed to be going through relationship problems during their senior year in high school.
  • Claire and Michael seemed to have a rocky relationship unlike the perfect ones with Ronnie and Lisa and Donna and Bobby. Even though all six have been close friends.
  • Michael seems to be worried for Claire when shortly after her death he goes up to the suite to make things up with her. While in the room after hearing noises he believes Claire is in the bathroom telling her that he will outside until she comes out.