Uncle Jack Turner

Jack Turner is a character from the 2008 remake of Prom Night. He is portrayed by Linden Ashby.

Prom Night Edit

Jack Turner, is the brother-in-law of Donna's parents. Its not been stated if he's her maternal uncle or if his wife was the paternal sister of Donna's father. When her family was massacred by Richard Fenton, Donna had to go to the last surviving family. Jack and his wife Karen were the closest relatives. They took her, very unhappily during Fenton's police interagation.

Both he and his wife took her out as fast as they could, when Fenton dellusionally began ranting that Donna was his intimately. A few years had past, Donna while still on medication from the ordeal and regularly sees a psycharist, appears finally happy.

Jack and Karen have done the best they can to be good parents to Donna. But they have made sure that Donna doesn't forget her family or the love the family had. His wife even gives Donna, her mother's shawl. Both watched Donna leave with her friends, hoping she could finally move on from the ordeal and enjoy her life.

That didn't last long when Detective Winn comes to their doorstep and announces that Fenton has escaped. While Jack and Karen want her back quickly. The police decide to leave her be and watches out for Fenton at her prom should he try and approach her.

Fenton does come, but is never seen by the police. As he snuck in the hotel before they did. Eventually Richard Fenton continued his killing spree, killing Donna's friends and several hotel staff. Winn quickly saves Donna in time and returns her to her aunt and uncle who have been worried all night.

Fenton, unfortunately, still hasn't been caught. Winn and the police decide to guard the house, knowing he'll come for Donna. Jack and Karen leave Donna and her boyfriend alone upstairs to rest from the whole ordeal, not knowing Fenton's already at their house.

Karen surprises everyone when she sees a dead police officer outside. Neither one knows that Fenton has killed the officer and Winn's partner to distract them while he goes after Donna again. Donna is able to finally fight him off and Winn shots him down. Jack and his wife are still alive and try to comfort Donna, who cries over her dead boyfriend's body.