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Drew, Kelly's boyfriend

Drew Shinnick is shown a few times in the 1980 Prom Night movie. He's Kelly Lynch's seemingly good boyfriend. Mostly through the movie, he's mostly wanting sex from Kelly. But due to Kelly's Christian background, she's very reluctant to become that intimate with him.


Drew Shinnick is the seemingly loyal and friendly boyfriend of Kelly Lynch . When Kelly gets a disturbing phone call (unknowignly from a stalker/killer), Drew sneaks up behind her. Although Kelly tries to tell him about the call, he shrugs it off and playfully teases her.

Though Drew isn't seen much through the movie, though he's mentioned a bit through his girlfriend. Its not known what his relationships with the other characters, he seems to be in fair mood with most of her friends. Thoughout most of the movie, Drew who's constantly pressuring her to have sex. However, she doesn't want to, most likely due to her Christian raised background. Her friends even apparently know how sex-crazed he is and warn him that he might not stay long if she doesn't give him what he wants.

During the prom, he's at it again trying to get Kelly to give into sex. Kelly tries using the dance floor as an excuse to keep Drew's mind off of sex, as she still didn't want to have sex. Eventually, probably with coaxing, they sneak off to the school's changing room. The couple begin to make out and Drew tries to undress her. While he almost gets her to submit, Kelly is still scared of having sex and stops him before anything can happen. Drew leaves angrily and frustrated at her for telling him no. To add insult to injury, he tells her if she won't do it with him, he'd find more than one girl who would.

Whether just wanting sex or not caring, Drew coldly and cruelly dumps Kelly and leaves her in the dark alone. But in a way, Drew's actions did more than he expected. With him gone, the mysterious stalker had Kelly alone. There in the changing room, he slits her throat.

Drew made good with his threat, no sooner had he left her side. He began pursuing another girl. Its unknown what happened to him afterwards. But since the killer was after the ones that killed Robin, he most likely left Drew alone. And Drew most likely either went off for sex with a girl or was with his class when they ran away from the killer.