April is a character from the 2008 remake of Prom Night. She is portrayed by Jana Kramer. April is one of the two friends of Crissy Lynn along with Taylor.

Prom NightEdit

April is one of Crissy Lynn's friends alongside Taylor. They seemed to be rooting for Crissy to win prom queen and are also very snobby to towards Lisa, Donna, and Claire.

Later, before the prom queen and prom king are about to be announced, Detective Winn who knows that Richard Fenton is in the building sounds the emergency alarm and evacuates the hotel. Crissy snatches the card and is horrified to learn that Lisa as been voted prom queen. She rips the card in two and storms off. April and Taylor pick up the ripped card and are also concerned.

Outside, they soon learn of the demise of Claire, Michael, and Lisa (who were all murdered by Fenton) when a teary eyed April mentions that she heard someone say that Claire was murdered and that Michael and Lisa were missing. The SWAT team who stormed the hotel later find the victims bodies shortly afterwards.


  • Even though she is one of Crissy's freinds, April was horrified to learn about the disapperance and deaths of her fellow classmates Michael, Claire and Lisa. She seems to be the only one of Crissy's freinds to care about her fellow classmates well beings.
  • April is also one of the character's who's not a victim of Richard Fenton's killing spree. The others being Crissy, Taylor, Rick and Ronnie.
  • Jana Kramer met and fell in love with Johnathon Schaech on the set of this movie. They were later engaged on December 22, 2009. They married on July 4, 2010 in Glen Arbor, Michigan. The couple were later divorced after a little over one year of marriage.
  • Jana Kramer later co-stared with her ex-husband Johnathon Schaech in the horror film Laid to Rest.